“Tomorrow’s future is determined by today’s education”

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Clartal Academy’s main aim is to provide a Nursery school for children (kids and toddlers) from the age of 3 months to the age of 6 years the reception year. The Academy will ensure successful early childhood development as an effort between parents, the community the school and the Department of Education (DoE). This will be achieved by following the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme as specified by the DoE.


The following Educational factors will play a role in the development of children:

  • Physical growth and development - This requires room for movement, healthy nutrition, hygienic buildings and apparatus and the possibility to participate in a variety of games and other physical activities;
  •  Affective development – providing awareness of security and to experience love, affection and understanding;
  •  Socialization – The children must be afforded the opportunity to associate in a more extended social world with adults and in particular with children both older and younger than themselves;
  •  Intellectual development - It is generally accepted that the child between two and six years of age has an enormous capacity for acquiring new knowledge and that these years of life are of the utmost importance in the development of a human being. Intellectual development will be promoted through play–based education that will challenge the child to develop a broader interest in the immediate environment.  This will promote the child to investigate and acquire knowledge through exploration;
  •  Aesthetic development – The children should be brought into contact with beauty and it should be pointed out to them; and
  •  Religious development – The principles which the children become familiar with in his home should be reinforced to become universally valid norms.



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