“Tomorrow’s future is determined by today’s education”

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Why a nursery school?


Every child wakes-up one day with a dream of what he or she wants and they start ‘chasing’ that dream to make it a reality.


  • Referring to that statement; My dream was to be the owner of my own nursery school. The only way I could make this a reality was to include my family in my thinking and planning and slowly but surely this dream started falling into place and CLARTAL Academy was started.


Why teaching?


  • My family and I have very high family values which are based on a Christian religion. With this said, teaching, specifically to that of children is of utmost importance to me and I have the continuous need to share this with the young ones of the world – your children.
  • My love for nature as well as me being in a teaching profession made it possible for me to share this beauty and the usefulness there-off thus preparing tomorrows futures leaders not just in school education but in Outdoor education which broadly includes environmental educational as well.
  • I want to invest in the future leaders and make a difference in your child’s education, by making sure that we have a well-balanced individual.


Personnel and Qualifications


Teacher: Chantal Bezuidenhoudt.


Field of studies:

  • University of Pretoria – B Ed Early Childhood Development. SACE Registration nr 12306279
  • (Awaiting honours exams results – inclusive education )
  • Tshwane university of technology – Nature conservation
  • Thinking pets



  • Early identification of learners with barriers
  • Professional development in ECD – an overview on FET education
  • The daily program in motion
  • Should we play with maths in pre-school (4-6y groups)


Child Psychiatry

  • Child Psychiatry Workshop for nursery and primary school.


Other courses

  • First Aid
  • Protective behaviours course 2014 (teaching children how to protect themselves in abuse cases)


Field of experience (outside teaching)

  • Computer Literacy
  • Human relations
  • Empathy
  • Wildlife
  • Puppy training instructor
  • Face painting fairies


School Administration


Chantal Bezuidenhoudt

René Bezuidenhoudt

Frik Bezuidenhoudt

Our Wonderful Team

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